İDEAL Clamps is our other brand belongs to Ideal Auto. Ltd. Ideal Auto Ltd is a manufacturer of engineered fastening solutions for commercial vehicles, automotive, construction, filtration, irrigation, marine, aerospace, material handling, off-road and water treatment industries since 1990. In 2010, our second brand İDEAL Clamps was established and got a place in global market majorly automotive industry in a short period of time. Our products have large usage areas wherever exhaust and emission systems, turbochargers, pipe connections, rubber hoses, plastic tubing, solid objects or other flanged joints must be fastened, joined or securely connected. Our company has adopted the continuous new product development and innovations as its principle and as a manufacturer paying attention to the engineering and technical facts of the product, the design and production of all necessary moldings and equipments is made by its experienced staff and modern mould production machines within its own structure. İDEAL Clamps continues to reach the goals of world class production, competitive pricing, timely response to customers’ needs, becoming a global brand in the clamping industry.

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